Rob Everitt – Bike and skate shop owner, longboarder, surfer, snowboarder and freeride mountain biker.

Being a small business owner I never have time to eat well, or even sleep the proper amount of hours. I have to start my day off with a QUIKKI or I just don’t feel like myself. 

Written by James Garrett — May 24, 2013

Mike Volpe – Auto Racing Mechanic and father of 5

QUIKKI gives me the energy I need to tackle all of my work at the shop and then all of the kids! I couldn’t make it through the day without it – Thank you QUIKKI!

Written by James Garrett — May 24, 2013

Kellianne E. – Scientist and Mother of 6 yr old twins

Life is very busy between work and home. I need clarity and focus in the laboratory and energy left over after a long day to spend quality time with my children. QUIKKI gives me what I need to be my best all day long.

Written by James Garrett — May 10, 2013

Nick A. – Villanova University student

QUIKKI absolutely gave me energy and I still have plenty left hours later, but not too much to the point where I felt my heart was going to pop!

Written by James Garrett — May 10, 2013

Brian Yannuzzi – Downhill mountain biker

QUIKKI, without it…time travel wouldn’t be possible!

Written by James Garrett — May 07, 2013

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